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Public CVS Repositories

We are proud to announce the availability to browse our CVS repositories anonymously.

Using any web browser

Just go to and select the proper repository and files.

Using »cvs«

We are providing access through the :pserver: subsystem that »cvs« provides. All public repositories contain an anonymous account with an empty password. Before accessing the repository you'll have to log in into the repository. Here is a step-by-step description how to achieve this:

cvs -d$repository login

Simply hit enter when »cvs« asks for a password.

cvs -d$repository co $module

The following repositories are accessible, each of them has different modules. The easiest way to find out which modules are available is to browse Repositories contain:

  • /var/cvs/debian - Debian
  • /var/cvs/infodrom - Infodrom-Tools
  • /var/cvs/ -
  • /var/cvs/ - #LinuxGER
  • /var/cvs/ltev - LinuxTag

After your work is done and you want to clear your passwd (in ~/.cvspass) you may log out again by using the following command.

cvs -d$repository logout

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